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General FAQ's

Is your cover padded?

No, this is not an old-technology fabric with "layers", honestly, any of those covers don't have enough "padding" to protect against dings or any real impact.

Is your cover dust proof?

YES - our customers love this part because they don't pick up and hold dust like old-technology car covers do (which leaves lint and dust on a clean car once you washed it). Plus this fabric is machine washable.

Is your cover water proof?

It is Water Resistant and Breathable. Waterproof covers will damage a car and cause rust and companies that advertise waterproof covers really show that they don't understand car covers. Most car collectors rave to us about our combination of breath-ability and water resistance on our exclusive Microbead Car Cover Fabric.

Is your cover UV protected?

Yes - the silver color reflects the sun and keeps your car cool inside too.

Is your cover snow protected?

Yes - the snow just brushes right off. It is amazing.

Do your Microbead Car Covers contain "Microbeads"?

No. Absolutely not. The name, Microbead Car Covers, was derived from our auto detailing business back in the 1990's in New Jersey. We called ourselves Microbead Auto Detail because when we detailed and waxed your car you could see the quality of the wax job by the small (micro) beads of water that would gather up and race off your car when it rained.  When we designed our car covers and saw the way the water beaded off our silver car cover material, it reminded us of the same type of protection as our detailing business. Thus, Microbead Car Covers was born. We are an environmentally friendly company that works hard to use the late technics and technology to keep our footprint light.  Since designing our first covers in 2003, we have grown and added many new products including our Select-Fleece (Indoor/Show) Covers, HVAC Covers, Grill Covers, Tire Covers, Flat Stop Preventing Tire Rests and more. We are growing fast because of the quality products we design and the great customers we have had over the years. Please contact us if you have any questions and thank you for your support!



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